It's your time.
It's your ride.
Make it count.

Boutique Indoor Cycling Studio


SCHEDULE CHANGES April 22 - April 27

4/22  Wednesday 10:30am Ride & Sculpt  CANCELLED
4/24  Friday 10:30am Ride & Sculpt -- Effie subbing for Dyanne
4/26  Sunday 9:00am The Ride -- Lisa subbing for Julie
4/27  Monday 10:30am The Ride -- Jen subbing for Effie
We should be back on schedule 4/28


Sweat into Summer 
Beach Body Ride Challenge!
Memorial Day weekend and the beach 
are just around the corner!  
Are you beach body ready?

Here's your challenge:
Starting this Friday 4/24 - Memorial Day 5/25 
(32 days to ride!)
*Ride at least 20 classes
Eligible for the drawing to win a 
1 Month Unlimited Rides Pass & a Clementine beach towel!
(one grand prize winner!)

*Ride at least 15 classes
Eligible for drawing to win a 
2 Week Unlimited Rides Pass and a Clementine beach towel!
 (2 winners!)

Do it for the challenge.  Do it for the prizes.  
Do it for the person sitting next to you on the beach!
But mostly... do it for YOU.

C'mon... Ride with us!

To participate -- sign up sheet in the office


CANCELLED Wednesday April 22 - May 27

IF we gather enough interest
we will have Teen Ride on 
TUESDAYS 4/28 - 6/2 @ 3:45 - 4:30
Sign up available now!

A 6 week session of 45 minute Rides just for the younger set ages 11-18.
As long as you are tall enough to ride (MUST BE 4'11" or taller), come hop on a bike
and enjoy the party music while you build your cardio, endurance and strength.
This is a great all-around workout for all kids - non-athletes, and non-competitive kids,
but also great for athletes and their cross training / off-season conditioning. 



Our newest 100 Rides Club member!


Dorothy's 100th Ride! and what a fun 100 it was!  
You KILL IT every time!
You're a little package of Power and Speed... that's ALL YOU.
We love your infectious energy, thanks for inspiring!

And check out Ginger's Cardio Party video from Dorothy's 100th Ride!



* Please note that we have a smaller parking lot at our new location, so please remember to park courteously so that we can fit as many riders as reasonably possible (close enough to your neighbor, but not too close!).
** Street parking is also available on River Road and on Gillespie Ave. 
(**past the driveway behind the posted sign - cars parked closer to stop sign, in front of posted sign, may get ticketed.)
*** Also, with our back-to-back classes, please remember that others in the next class are waiting for your spot, so please make an effort to exit the parking lot as quickly as possible. 


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Hey, have you provided us with your birthday in your profile?  
Please make sure that you have it in there so you receive a birthday gift from us!  

We want to celebrate you!

Account / Profile / Important Stuff


Contact or grab it at the studio

Tote/Boat/Spin Shoe Bag  $15

Super Soft Beach Towel  $20

We are located just a few buildings east of Freshica's Juice Bar/Fairwinds Deli
Parking is available in the back lot and on River Road/Gillespie Avenue
Studio entrance is in the FRONT...look for the orange door!


Many of our classes have been filling up, and the wait list has become a little tricky!  So, in an effort to better the process so that we do not have open bikes when wait list people want to ride, please be considerate of the following policy:
If you are on the wait list and a bike opens up, the first person on the wait list will be notified via a system generated email.  We request that you reply to that email ASAP and let us know if you can ATTEND OR NOT.  It would be very helpful if you would add your cell number into your Clementine account profile so that we have an additional way to notify you in the event that you are added to a class from the wait list.  If you are on a wait list and prefer not to provide your cell number, please make sure to check your email for the notification.  If you are added to a class, and you have not confirmed your attendance at least 1 hour prior to class start time, then we will remove you from the class and notify the next person on the wait list that they have been added.

Please remember that we have a 5 minute grace period, if there are any open bikes 5 minutes after class start time, then we will release those bikes to anyone who may be at the studio waiting for a no-show, UNLESS, you call/text me to let me know that you are running late and on the way.  732-784-7735

How far in advance do I need to cancel a reservation?
You must cancel a reservation at least 2 HOURS before your scheduled class in order to avoid penalty. If you cancel less than 2 HOURS before a class AND the class is full, you will forfeit one class credit.  If you have an Unlimited Monthly Ride Pass, you will be charged $10.  All cancellations must either be made under MY INFO/My Schedule on the Clementine website, or you can call/text 
Effie @ 732-784-7735.

What happens if I am late for a class?
Your bike will be held for 5 MINUTES after class start time.  After 5 minutes, it will be released to the wait list unless you call and confirm that you are on the way.

What happens if I fail to show up for a class which I have reserved?
If you fail to show up for a class which you have reserved AND the class is a full, then you will forfeit the class credit you used to reserve the class.  If you hold a Monthly Unlimited Ride Pass, you will be charged $10.  Otherwise, you will not be charged.

What if I am on the waitlist, how will I know if I get into the class?
If you are on the wait list for a class, the system will automatically generate an email/text if you are moved off of the wait list and into the class.  Please check your notifications!


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It's your time.  It's your Ride.  Make it count.

so you don't get shut out!

Check out our schedule

RESERVE your class online ahead of time so you are guaranteed a bike! 
* Classes can be reserved starting 7 days in advance of the class.

Our bikes are equipped with V2 mPower Consoles so that you can get more out of your ride! The consoles enable you to keep on top of your ride performance while you ride RPMs or heart rate, and track calories burned and time.  (You will need an ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor strap in order to track heart rate and calories).

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